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Silent Sleep

I tried ‘Silent Sleep’ as a tea when it was recently very difficult to fall asleep. While the flavour is only a little bitter on my palate, medicinal and evergreen, what it delivers is worth it. On the nights that I drink it, after steeping for 15 mins, and drinking just as I go to bed, I experience a noticeably lulled, peaceful body and my mind drifts to a quiet, easy place before sleep.

M. Seheult, Hamilton

Bohdi Bliss

I was pleasantly surprised by the gentle, calming effect of the vape. I was actually surprised at how quickly it worked after I played with the temperature to find the perfect temp.

Paul A., Brantford

Bohdi Bliss

My mind can wander in meditation but with Bohdi Bliss, the control was there to keep focus and go deeper, like a feather falling.

M. Monrose

Pro Passion

It’s so nice. It’s gorgeuos. Lavender is one of my favourite herbs.
If I am stressed out, it’s calming. I love it.

G. Carper and E.Anhorn