Our Story

Vape Fusions Wholesome Herb Vape Blends

Vape Fusions developed a line of 8 wholesome herbs to be vaped with or without cannabis. Our intention is to serve all those who vape the Medical Energy and Natural Healing Properties of Vape Fusions Herbs.

Stephanie HeartSong is no stranger to the vaping industry. While laying her roots at Ideal Vapes, she frequently served customers who used cannabis, oils and concentrates medicinally. Over time, Stephanie found that people were regularly inquiring about vaping other plants or natural plant eliquids. With this in mind, she would suggest customers vape natural herbs such as lavender or peppermint. With a desire to help customers discover the benefits of vaping herbs in mind, Stephanie was inspired to explore what herbs were used by vaping enthusiasts. With the help of the co-owner of Ideal Vapes, Kaelan Doel, along with feedback from vapers using vape-friendly herbs to meditate, Stephanie was able to pave the way for the creation of the most Ideal Vape Fusions.

Many combinations of vaping herbs were explored, but the recipes as they are now, were more or less a spirit-science cocreation. Throughout the creation process, Stephanie HeartSong consulted with her spiritual advisor. The result was an energy alignment and Co-Creation partnership with a Deva; a spirit of Nature and Life whom we all refer to as the Deva of Vape Fusions. This Deva consciousness being exists for the sole, soul purpose of highest service and attends to all details of our sacred business products, partnerships and production.

All of us involved in the Co-Creation of the Vape Fusions Wholesome Herb Blends were shown that healing intention, divine inspiration, and open communication facilitates team building, creates a positive, proactive work environment and ensures business success!

Vape Fusions offers you vape blends that were co-created with love in the most magical, sacred way and we promise to grow to develop more healing products for the world!