Please read on for some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the vaping of our wholesome herb blends:


  1. Is it important to adhere to suggested vape temperatures?

A pure bowl of VapeFusions blends vaped at the recommended temperature will deliver the natural healing properties of the herbs.  Herbs will remain fresh longer but will not emit any visible vapour.

A pinch if Vape Fusions to flavour cannabis will provide an aromatic vape. Vapers will most likely select the ideal temperature to obtain the THC, CBD and CBN effects and thus produce a vape cloud. The herbs will dry out quickly at higher temperature setting.

  1. What vaporizer should I use?

Portable or desktop herb vaporizers that offer temperature settings and readings are highly recommended. Ceramic bowl vaporizers at low or medium settings are also suitable.

  1. Can VapeFusions be smoked?

VapeFusions are intended to be used in the most medicinal and intentional way. Although the herbs can be smoked, we do not recommend it. However, it is entirely possible to mix a little VapeFusions with cannabis in a bong or in pen vapes that are known to combust a little since herbs have direct contact with a hot coil element.

  1. How do I avoid inhaling herbal dust or leaves?

Each vaporizer is unique. We recommend that you always vape with awareness. Inhale slowly and lightly when enjoying VapeFusions- pure.  Check the temperature, the herb bowl and use a screen over the herbs to ensure your vaporizer effectively filters natural herb dust.


  1. Any instructions for preparing a VapeFusions tea?

You require more herb to infuse teas. Ideally place a teaspoon per cup or three teaspoons per teapot. It is best to place loose tea in an infusion bowl or cheese clothe.  We used one gram per cup as an average. Steep 8-10 minutes and enjoy the natural healing properties of the herbs.  The effects vary depending on your own metabolism, state of mind and intention. We invite you to create a sacred time and space for sipping VapeFusions.

  1. What is best; to vape or to sip VapeFusions?

As a tea, the natural properties of the herbs have to pass through the digestion system. As vapor, the lungs immediately circulate nature’s medicine through out the body.  Each person’s metabolism is unique. When you tune into your self, we understand that only you know what method is best for you.


  1. How often can I vape the herbs?

How often do you relax or meditate? VapeFusions are designed to be vaped with intention. Many have enjoyed the herbs prior to sleep, meditation, an afternoon delight or creative activity. The choice of how much and which blend is always an individual choice.

  1. How are VapeFusions prepared?

VapeFusions have labels which list all enclosed ingredients. The herbs are all-natural, most are organic and are grown all over the world. VapeFusions products are handcrafted recipes and packaged by our dedicated staff.  Please note that the mass of different herb combinations may impact the appearance and overall weight of the packets.

  1. How many bowls to a packet of herb?

This ultimately depends upon what vaporizer is used. As well, less herb is consumed when mixed with cannabis. A 3 gm bag for our X-Max Vape, Ascent Davinci or Magic Flight Launch Box amounted to 9-13 servings. Our 7 gm bag offered 17-24 in portable vaporizers and the Volcano. A pinch of herb is perfect for a ceramic bowl.

  1. Are herb allergies common?

Please vape responsibly. DO NOT consume a VapeFusions packet if you are allergic to a listed ingredient or know of contraindications of a specific herb to any medications you are taking.

Health and Safety comes first. Allergic reactions are a reality of life and we cannot predict who will respond poorly to any listed ingredient. Herbs are natural medicine and may have contraindications. Consult with your doctor, herbalist or naturopath to ensure that VapeFusions ingredients are perfectly suited to your physical, emotional and mental constitution and well-being.