Product Description

Ingredients: damiana, passion flower, peppermint, gotu kola, stevia

Contemplate. Intend. Decide. Just do it…all over again…

Esprit Elixir: Facilitate Mental Focus is a blend intended to raise your spirits and awareness.  The real power of this elixir is your intention. Imagine how sweet life could be if you seized moments, loved what is and shared what you learned in the process?

Esprit Elixir

  • Aroma:    Light & Refreshing
  • Flavour:   Sweet & Fresh
  • Value:     Uplifting, activating, energizing
  • Energy:   Solar Plexus- Fostering self-assurance & confidence
  • Intention: Facilitate Mental Focus
  • As Tea:   Medium colour, steep well
  • As Vape: Pure- Clear, light sweet vapor
  • With Cannabis – excellent
  • Partners Well with: Bohdi Bliss