Product Description

10 reasons for you to Smyle

  1. Its clean – Smyle is the cleanest vaping alternative on the market. Smyle is a blend of all natural ingredients and extracts that combine to enhance your vaping experience. No Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, Artifical flavours, Diacetyl, acetyl propanol or diluents of any kind.
  2. Its Tested – Smyle is independently tested by 2 separate labs to verify quality, accuracy, pesticide content, heavy metal content and solvents. You’ll be happy to know Smyle is completely solvent, pesticide, and heavy metal free.
  3. Its Tasty – Smyle uses expertly crafted flavours to mimic the flavours you would desire to vape. Orange, Wintergreen, and many more to come.
  4. Its Discreet – It is not always an appropriate time to smell like marijuana, Smyle allows the user to have the same effects, with none of the smell or stigma associated with marijuana
  5. Its Easy – No more rolling joints, packing pipes, or toking bongs. Smyles a simple product that adds to nearly any vape available on the market. Just fill, vape, and go
  6. Its Relief – Now you are in control of your pain management without the need to carry expensive pills, edibles, or creams.
  7. Its Accurately Dosed – Smyle comes at a set milligram content of THC. No more “guessing” how strains will effect you. Take the mystery out of the quality of your marijuana, with Smyle, you know you have the best.
  8. Its Cheaper – a 15ml bottle of smyle may be more expensive upfront. However a bottle will last the average smoker a lot longer then traditional joints
  9. It’s designed to Vape Inside – Because this is a vapeable product, there is no smoke residue, or second hand smoke left behind. You can feel comfortable vaping smyle inside any residence
  10. Its Awesome – Do you need any more reasons to SMYLE!!

Pro tips on how to get the best vape experience while using SMYLE.

1) Turn down the heat: Turn your variable voltage device to a lower setting. Smyle uses an all natural v-liquid blend that vapes at 120 degrees celsius (The typical glycerin base liquids vape at 160 degrees or higher) *If you taste a burnt flavor the heat is too high!

2) Prime your coil: Always add a few drops of Smyle V-liquid to your coil before use to avoid dry burning your coil.

3) Keep device out of the heat: Smyle is thinner then a typical E-juice. leaving your device in the heat (e.g. direct sunlight) may cause tank leaks.

Disclaimer: Be responsible & stay alive, never vape or consume & drive! This product will readily mix with E-juice.  If coil has been used for E-juice it may still be used for Smyle V-liquid.