Can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

I’m Stephanie Heartsong and I’m into the medicinal aspect of dealing with vapes. Not only at Ideal Vapes – do we help people switch from smoking to vaping, we now are really invested in helping people with medicinal marijuana alternatives and we have created Vape Fusions as a result. For those people who have not really come into the world of vaporizing yet we can also use all of these blends that have psychoactive ingredients in them as teas. You can do mediation with your vaporizer or with a tea as well.

You have such a lovely selection of teas available I know this issue we are going to be reviewing your tea called Bohdi Bliss – Can you tell us about that blend?

It is a meditative blend. It really connects with your stillness. Shamans have been using the active ingredients for generations for lucid dreaming. Mullen leaf makes it blendable to be smoked with as well. Its so much healthier and no toxins are consumed while smoking.

What got you into cannabis culture?

The cannabis culture relation I have is towards helping people who struggle with addiction. Its risk management, I was coaching in a company called Innerlife Solutions and exposed to shamanic training. I love to create this as an alternative that can be used with medical marijuana or it can be used for pure enjoyment. All of these recipes were divined. We actually have a Deva that we work with to co create these blends. These recipes have been changed according to those co creative sessions and meditation on how they’ve been done. That’s why the flower of life is so important to me; it’s the essence of Mother Nature and she has to offer us. This is a spiritual line of alternatives for a new generation of cannabis users.

Do you have any advice to give other women trying to enter the cannabis industry?

Make it about helping and being of service to people opposed to forcing your message towards them. Hold a space for their own healing and co-create.