Product Description

Ingredients: wild dagga, calea zacatechichi, mullein leaf, skull cap, lemon balm

The mind is a busy bee working endlessly.  Why not choose a different buzz?

 Just BE in the meadow, watching. Connected to it all. Can you feel the bliss?

 Bohdi Bliss: Connect with Stillness is Body Bliss. This shamanic combination of herbs invites you to journey; lucid dream; meditate and contemplate the true meaning of “Bodhi”.

 Bohdi Bliss

  • Aroma:    Neutral
  • Flavour:   Earthy
  • Value:     Anti-spasmodic, aids lucid dream state
  • Energy:   Sacral – connecting with bliss; accepting life changes
  • Intention: Connect with Stillness
  • As Tea:   Light, Steep Well
  • As Vape: Pure- Light Airy, little visible vapor
  • With Cannabis – excellent
  • Partners Well with: Esprit Elixir