Product Description

Ingredients: wild daaga, sage, lavender, skullcap, lemon balm, valerian

The mind loves an audience secretly desiring a standing ovation!

Bravo to you! Curtains are drawn. Time to let it all go…

 Silent Sleep: Release from Thinking is designed to help you focus on the empty space between your breaths. Naturally, this combination of herbs slows you down and caps your mind to help rejuvenate the Self.

Silent Sleep

  • Aroma:    Lavender Sage
  • Flavour:   Savory
  • Value:     Relaxing effect, stress release, quiets mind
  • Energy:   Throat Chakra located at the thyroid nerve plexus
  • Intention: Release from Thinking
  • As Tea:   Medium colour, steep well
  • As Vape: Pure- Gentle, cleansing mist feeling, little to no vapor
  • With Cannabis – good
  • Partners Well with: Grounding Gaia