Product Description

Ingredients: juniper berry, holy basil, yerba mate, licorice root

To be or not to be…Either way, life happens so why not greet it with a smile!

Go Go Green: Power Up the Flow is a juniper berry base taste sensation! Earthy yet heavenly mixture that revitalizes. Seeking to vape a little less THC in your day?  Go Go Green may serve you well!

Go Go Green

  • Aroma:    Gin-glorious, spicy
  • Flavour:   Full bodied, refreshing
  • Value:     Uplifting, activating, energizing
  • Energy:   Heart Chakra- Vitality Activation
  • Intention: Power Up the Flow
  • As Tea:   Medium-dark colour, steep well
  • As Vape: Pure- Deep, cleansing mist feeling, some vapor
  • With Cannabis – excellent
  • Partners Well with: Lung Love
  • Contraindication: Consult with a doctor, naturopath or clinician prior to using herbal ingredients in Go Go Green if taking medication or pregnant.